With two record breaking franchise modelled businesses, Frank is a Sydney based entrepreneur with a passion for technology and education. Frank is currently the founder and CEO of ScopeIT Education, one of the worlds leading face to face ICT Educator and now multi-national across Australia & NZ, Malaysia, Indonesia, the USA, South Africa and Portugal. Additionally, Frank is Chairman of the Academic and Education Board.org.

Most recently, Frank has founded Hyjack.TV, a media based platform with a scheduled release of early 2023 and holds an Executive Director role.


Frank's former businesses as co-founder and CEO include one of the world's largest entertainment companies operating an estimated 45,000 events per year. He is also the lead consultant as Managing Director of FXGroup with businesses in retail, sport, software, app creation, website design and accounting industries advising on the development and implementation of growth strategies. Additionally through their philanthropic arm, Frank and FXGroup have now invested in over 1,100 business in low income/third world locations via micro-lending.

Frank occasionally appears in the media either publishing articles in relation to business or education or recently being interviewed on the 
Qantas "Talking Business" show. Addiitionally, Frank secured one of Australia's biggest investment offers on Shark Tank (viewable here).


Not only is Frank a strong advocate of education, he has his own academic achievements including Computer Science (CS50x) at Harvard, Economics with UC Irvine and Duke University. Frank also undertook a further philanthropic endeavour by holding a position as a volunteer with the University of Illinois, Champagne-Urbana teaching Micro-economics.

These combined passions of education, technology, sciences and business has resulted in him being a visionary improving social aspects by way of not only leadership but most importantly achieving measurable results. Frank is available, upon request for special appearance, presentation, as a speaker or business mentor, notably for youth upon consultation, available at the links provided below.


Frank Lucisano CEO
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